Timotheus's Bio: Germany, India, Spain, US and back to Spain...

Tim Freytag was born in Berlin, Germany on March 14, 1971. Since his parents longed for foreign countries and mystical experiences Tim was exposed to different cultures and spiritual influences at an early age. He traveled around Europe, Turkey and Afghanistan in his parents' Volkswagen bus. At the age of 6½ his mother took him to India in pursuit of enlightening teachings and mystical experiences. They spent 4½ years in an Ashram and he learnt English from 20 different nationalities. Most important, as far as he is concerned, is his exposure to spiritual and enlightened values during his time spent in India until age 11.

The teacher left India and Tim's parents moved to Hamberge, Germany for two years. By this time his mother was no longer married to his father. She accepted Luke Mitchell from Scotland (see his paintings under "photos") as her partner. One day in India when Tim was 7 years old he came across Luke and showed him the way to their house and from then on he became a new father figure. At age 13 they moved to Ibiza, Spain where Tim finished high school and 5 years of living The Good Life. Here he picked up Spanish as a third language and his first experiences in romance.

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