I received my training and certification at the California Healing Arts College in Los Angeles and the Kali Institute in Ventura, California. My training included overall instruction in several types of massage therapy, from Swedish and Sports to Deep Tissue Massage; all under the supervision of Dr. Paul Schwinghammer. I went on to study Oscillation, with Jim Doer.

Along with these extensive courses I took other short introductory courses in Reflexology with Sky Ann Fillmore at the Santa Monica Junior College in California, Thai Massage with Saul Ray at the Yoga Works, School Of Yoga; and an introductory course in Shiatsu and Asian Pressure Point Massage.

My following certification consisted of an advanced deep tissue training called Neuro-Structural Body Work at the Kali Institute of Ventura, California. My instructor, Nancy DeLucrecia, is the principal of the Kali Institute. This course was taught to a small student body with strong emphasis in hands-on training and many techniques. The body was divided into 10 sections and 3 hours were spent in each body area, resulting in learning extensive approaches to releasing and realigning muscles and muscle groups.

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