My combined experience of giving massages, doing meditations and Pranayamas led me to an interesting experience one day as I received a massage. Pranayamas are breathing exercises based on the ancient Hindu sciences used for thousands of years by yogis in their quests for self realization. By following my recommendation you will experience deeper relaxation, better access to your muscles by the practitioner and more release of emotions. The massage especially when deep work is being done will be less of a struggle for both you and your massage practitioner. If this is followed with some dedication on your part you can even experience a deeply meditative state.

Brain * Nervous System * Muscles and Oxygen
Your brain registers everything going on with the body during your massage. As you are being massaged your brain responds and translates through the nervous system the sensations. When the work is deep you tense up and clench your muscles. Your muscle tension is highest when you hold your breath. Most people have a tendency to hold their breath and hold their muscles tight as a response to deep massage work. This in effect makes the muscles less accessible. You are not allowing the practitioner into your muscles, emotions, and energy systems. This decreases the healing benefits you come away with from your massage.

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