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Are you stressed, sad, sleepy, lethargic, overworked, all tied up in knots or just feeling ready for a high quality massage?

Whatever your reason, Tim will leave you transformed, with his total body, mind re-set.

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“The Rembrant of the massage world” 

UK Sunday Times

The Signature Massage

The well-rounded and detailed style of The Signature Massage lasts a glorious 120 minutes. Massaging directly on the skin using quality massage oils the body is opened in layers, with pressure and depth adapted to the individual’s receptiveness. With 21 years experience you are in expert and intuitive hands.


​This detailed and carefully thought out massage combines a variety of techniques studied during his years of training and to name a few includes: Swedish, Deep-Tissue, Pressure Point, Shiatsu, Oscillation, Neuro-Structural Bodywork and Reflex Zone Therapy.


The treatment commences with a rare massaging of the facial muscles followed by the ears and scalp. Then comes the opening of the Four Gates (Chinese Medicine) working on the hands and feet (every single metatarsal is stretched). Thorough work moves onto the limbs starting with the front of the legs, then arms, stomach/belly, chest and front of shoulders to the neck working out knots, muscle tensions and imbalances. After turning, the massage focuses on the back of legs, the back and shoulders. A full head massage brings the treatment full circle for a feeling of perfect completeness.


The aim of the Signature Massage is to release mental and muscle tension and holding patterns, improve circulation, release emotional responses stored in your tissue and move energy. This happens as your muscle tissues, knots, meridian lines, fascia release and pressure points are professionally massaged with purpose and intention for your wellbeing.


​The massage also focuses on specific regions of the body, because these have particular significance to all of us in the way we are living our modern lives. Areas of particular interest are:


The stomach - we hold many our emotional responses to life in the stomach and we can feel lighter after clearing this area.


The occipital ridge or neck to skull line - we all block rapidly in this area restricting meridian line flow of energy and information between the body and head; we think more clearly when this is well worked and cleared of tension.


The back especially lower backs – interestingly from around the age of 30 onward 80% of us will suffer at some point with our backs. When knotted, fibrous muscles are worked and have become supple and elastic, shoulders drop back into their proper position, and you feel considerably lighter.

Tension isn't always physical. Deep sadness can lodge itself firmly in your back; bereavement can manifest itself in a tight chest and a frozen neck.

Excessive mental stress - finger tips and tips of toes, ear lobes and scalp massage all help to address mental tension; leaving you in bliss.    


What the client’s say of the experience

“Session complete, I rolled off the bed, reenergised, hell-bent on recommending him to every overworked person I know’’.


“Miraculous, I have a new body, I feel like a new person, the pains gone".


"I feel more grounded and relaxed in my body".


“OMG I look years younger”

"I slept better for days after this massage"

Frequency of massage

to maintain a state of excellent well being once per week is recommended.

This is a good level of self-care. Persons who have regular Signature Massages do best.

Otherwise once every two weeks or once per month although then life patterns, work habits and stress can dominate and pull the body out of shape causing issues. It’s a choice.​

How seriously do you take your health!





Ideal times for a Signature Massage

before an examination and an important meeting, after trauma or bodily injury has occurred, after travel to relieve jetlag, when your body requires recuperation, healing, re-generation and re-balancing especially after illness, before and after strenuous sporting activities.


Isolated Area Sessions

These sessions deal with an area/areas causing issues. The treatment will address the specific issue and the surrounding muscle groups using Neuro-Structural Bodywork combined with other methods as appropriate during a shorter session of 60-90 minutes. 

Other massage benefits

anxiety relief - promotion of circulation – detoxification

- improved immune function - deep relaxation – improved quality of sleep




Tim received his first training and certification at the California Healing Arts College in Los Angeles, California. His training included overall instruction in several types of massage therapy, from Swedish and Sports to Deep Tissue Massage; all under the supervision of Dr. Paul Schwinghammer. Tim also trained in Oscillation, with Jim Doer. And attended several short courses such as Reflexology with Sky Ann Fillmore at Santa Monica College, Los Angeles, California, Thai Massage with Saul Ray at Yoga Works and an introductory course in Shiatsu and Asian Pressure Point Massage.

Tim attended an additional certification training pivotal to his work. This Advanced Deep-Tissue Training called Neuro-Structural Body Work took place at the Kali Institute of Ventura, California. His instructor, Nancy DeLucrecia, is the principal and CEO of the Kali Institute. This course was taught to a small student body. During this course we worked through the body by dividing it into 10 areas and 3 hours were spent in each body area, resulting in learning extensive approaches to thoroughly releasing and realigning muscles and muscle groups during this extensive training. 

Practice and experience are key to development. Tim has grown greatly from staying dedicated to his signature approach, he has worked with hundreds of clients from many different backgrounds, working in Los Angeles California, Ibiza Spain and London UK. Tim has now stayed dedicated to his signature style since 1996. 


"I highly recommend Tim whether you are looking to relax or to heal. Tim's work is intuitive, insightful and offers an amazing experience." 
    Dawn DeSilvia, Massage Therapist, coordinator for Integrative Medicine, Los Angeles, CA 

     "Being a body worker I am particular about who I choose to work on me. Tim has grounded loving energy with strong knowledgeable and intuitive healing touch. He provided a safe and supportive space for healing and growth work. He has been instrumental in my emotional and personal growth."
    Jennifer Faust-Larson, Transformational Body Work, Los Angeles, CA USA 

     "Timotheus is not just another masseur, he is truly a healer and knows how to use his technique combined with intuition. The reason you feel so relaxed for days is that he loves what he does. He definitely knows his craft. His energy is very soothing. I recommend him highly." 
    Gigi Krueger, professional volleyball player and masseus Athens, Greece

 "Tim's massage is strong, precise and filled with heart. His consciousness and deep care for humanity is felt the moment he puts his hands on you. Tim is a healer."
    Eve Baldwin, Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor Los Angeles, CA USA 

     "I greatly enjoy the whole experience of my massages from Tim. He creates a soothing ambience with the music, lighting and energy of the massage space. I have benefited from his thorough deep tissue massage where he can really work through tense body areas. I have also experienced deep states of relaxation and rejuvenation through his treatments. I highly recommend his bodywork sessions. He is a true giver."
    Dr. Shera Raisen, M.D. Los Angeles, CA USA

     "Tim is an amazing body worker. His level of focus, commitment, intention, love and caring is exceptional. You will leave your sessions feeling deeply nurtured, cared for and your body will feel great! I am a professional body worker, teacher and life coach and have received tons of massages. I can easily say Tim is one of the best I have found."
    Mary Kay Finn Body Worker, Trainer, Life Coach Los Angeles, CA USA 


About Tim 


Timotheus Freytag

Tim was born in Berlin, Germany on March 14, 1971. Since his parents longed for foreign countries and mystical experiences Tim was exposed to different cultures and spiritual influences at an early age. He traveled around Europe, Turkey and Afghanistan in his parents' camper van. At the age of six he moved to India with his mother, in pursuit of enlightening teachings and mystical experiences. They spent four and a half years living as part of an Ashram and of significance was his early exposure to spiritual values. 

After India and two years in Germany Tim was thirteen and his family decided to move to Ibiza, Spain in 1984. Tim finished international high school, picking up Spanish as a third language over a colourful five years. He enjoyed Ibiza's beaches, swimming, cliff diving, exploring the island on his motorcycle, outdoor sports and the fun of dancing to the Balearic Sound were all an important part of growing up here. His friendships with both the locals and the many international people living together on Ibiza represent great memories.

This next phase of his life was about independence and going his own way, by now it's 1989 and Ibiza felt too small. Tim was in his late teens and moved to the US to spend thirteen years living in Los Angeles. He spent seven years working for a professional Law Corporation as an Operations Manager. Tim also pursued meditation to increase his ability to witness and to explore his inner-self according to his roots in India he also engaged in metaphysical growth work with several spiritual teachers all engaging him in a variety of spiritual practices. 

Corporate reality proved to be good for some life skills and certain personal disciplines. The corporate world was not conducive to an open heart state. Los Angeles was both challenging and also many strengthening lessons were learnt, the general memory of LA was overall positive.

Tim continued a sporty life style, enjoying cycling, jogging, ocean kayaking, hiking, free form dance and yoga as well as his interest in eastern mysticism but also Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Health and alternative medicine are also important themes in Tim's life. He studied herbology with Dr. David Crow and kept a library of alternative healing books, also enjoying healthy eating and learning about vitamin supplementation, all things common in California.

By 1997 Tim is now twenty-six and decided to return to his roots and pursued a massage training this would allow him to work one on one with individuals in a healing capacity as well as allow him to work and live an independent life by working for himself. Tim trained one and half years and then started to develop his own massage clientele around LA, Pacific Palisades, Hollywood, Brentwood and Malibu. 

Eventually the practice and experience of serving in excess of 800 clients solidified his style and unique signature massage. The love for this work has allowed Tim to grow, expand his horizon, develop his sense of freedom and open his heart. 


In 2002 Tim began to disconnect from Los Angeles to re-unite with family on Ibiza. Tim exported his trade to the little white island spending two and a half years working on Ibiza until he met Natasha Collis the now famous Ibiza jewellery designer. Together they created a life, that also took Tim to work for two and a half years in London where he developed a new private clientele and worked closely with The Bikram Yoga Studios, their owners, instructors and students. Tim and Natasha built a home and a family during these London years until moving to Ibiza. They enjoy their son Kianu who is growing up on Ibiza and going through the Spanish schooling system. Having had different ideas and values, Tim decided to go his own way after spending eleven years growing this family.  


One day around 2013 on Ibiza, Tim saw a small poster, advertising a FREEDIVE STAGE (a three day course in Free-Diving), by the legendary Umberto Pelizzari from Italy. Umberto offered four stages on Ibiza over the following couple years and Tim attended three. Although Tim always swam and dove he never officially knew the special techniques of freediving. He now regrets not having learned as a teenager. Noticing that no one was offering or promoting freediving in English to the many foreigners arriving every year on Ibiza, he decided to actively promote this for Ibiza. 


After moving on he met a new love, leading to a relationship with Anne D. Over the next years Tim would enjoy his new passion for freediving and work his way up to the Instructor Level by training and continuing further levels with the Spanish National Champion Miguel Lozano and his Advanced and Instructor level with the late Irish National Champion Steven Keenan. Instead of focusing on teaching courses, Tim decided to go for being a Freedive Adventure Guide, to beginner and  skilled freedivers wanting to experience Ibiza's many special underwater locations.

Tim's freedive website www.trueblueexperiences.com


These days Tim is doing a combination of mainly massage and some freediving especially during the more busy Ibiza summer season of May to October.

A few more points:


As Tim was raised under spiritual influences, he is grounded in the important concept of how beneficial it is to be of service. He appreciates the important cycle generated in the spirit of uplifting and benefiting others. This is to be of service. His life has more meaning thanks to 'service'.

Foremost nature is important and he feels that there are the natural things in life like humans, animals, plants, trees, oceans, earth, the stars and the universe with all it's details, those created by the divine, God or life force. He
 believes in respecting and keeping a proper balance of this. When man spends too much time with things not made by the divine but by man; like: smart phones, computers, screens, corporations, industries, cars, houses and cities then humans becomes further disconnected from their true self resulting in stress, pain and suffering. Humans have this choice: to pursue the unnatural and pay a price or respect and enjoy nature and flourish in harmony and balance.

Understand and have choice about negative and positive emotions. It is also important to identify negative and heavy emotions and avoid letting these dominate. We have all had disturbing or traumatic experiences at some point in our life path. These experiences will not be erased from our past but our continuous reaction, our interpretation of our past experiences can be altered. Suffering can be reduced or even eliminated if we approach this properly. As a result we are able to live a lighter life with more clarity and strength to take on the courageous steps necessary for our freedom and possibly even as for a rare few enlightenment.

We take care of our body, mind and spirit on many levels - massage and healing is essential to this.

















Best way to receive a massage...

My combined experience of giving massages, doing meditations and Pranayamas led me to an interesting experience one day as I received a massage. Pranayamas are breathing exercises based on the ancient Hindu sciences used for thousands of years by yogis in their quests for self realization. By following my recommendation you will experience deeper relaxation, better access to your muscles by the practitioner and more release of emotions. The massage especially when deep work is being done will be less of a struggle for both you and your massage practitioner. If this is followed with some dedication on your part you can even experience a deeply meditative state.

Brain - Nervous System - Muscles and Oxygen

Your brain registers everything going on with the body during your massage. As you are being massaged your brain responds and translates through the nervous system the sensations. When the work is deep you tense up and clench your muscles. Your muscle tension is highest when you hold your breath. Most people have a tendency to hold their breath and hold their muscles tight as a response to deep massage work. This in effect makes the muscles less accessible. You are not allowing the practitioner into your muscles, emotions, and energy systems. This decreases the healing benefits you come away with from your massage.


My recommendation is for you to know that when oxygen is in the body your nervous system and muscles are most engaged and tense. As you breathe in and out your body's muscles go from tense to relaxed in corresponding cycles. So first of all always keep breathing and avoid holding your breath. My discovery was to breathe more specifically and thus make it an exercise.

Experiment yourself by breathing in cycles like this: on your in breath breathe a little harder to make it short. Then on your out breath breathe out of your mouth and make it longer and most importantly just hold your breath out and lay there on the massage table for as long as you are comfortable without air in your system. Then resume breathing in and repeat. If you keep it up you will effectively receive most of your massage on the out breath. You are offering your body, muscles, emotions and nervous system in their most let go state for the practitioner to heal and relax you. As I came upon this and did it, I found myself experiencing a sublime massage and slipping away into a deeply relaxing meditative state.


Breathing by mouth instead of the nose

Also know that breathing through the nose maintains the emotional state your body is in. And when you breathe through the mouth, on the out-breath you are releasing emotions and changing your state as you release negative and heavier unwanted emotions. As events occurred in your life, you had emotional responses to these events. These responses are stored in your muscle tissues. Regular or strenuous use of your muscles is one reason for tension in your muscles; the other is emotional responses to events in your life.

When deep massage is being used and you are feeling pain it is a direct reflection of how much tension is stored in your muscles and not to be confused with the practitioner hurting you. The pain is a further indication that tension is being released from your muscles. As the practitioner works your muscles these emotions are released. These emotions can re-settle in your system but if you breathe out through the mouth you release them effectively.


Staying surface or going deep

To be in a deeply relaxed state, just letting go of tensions and emotions is the goal to focus on during a massage. The previously mentioned points about breathing play a strong role in this. Another is your point of focus. Generally as a muscle is worked your mind goes directly to this muscle and you make some mental reference like "that muscle hurts." This is being at the surface.

Another option you have is to slip away and focus elsewhere or not at all. By focus I mean the dialog you hold within your own mind about what is happening. For example, if you were to focus on the outer realms of the cosmos you would be focused far away from your body and muscles. This is beneficial because levels of pain and tension increase in direct response to your point of focus. If you say this is painful and you fixate on this you will also increase the amount of pain you experience. The mind is very tricky in this way. Take a pro-active position about your mind and control it instead of it controlling you. The mind is an imaginary tool.


At the surface the mind is chatty; as in when you are wound up. When we are deep, we are closer to meditation, just being silent, surrendering, and letting go. In this state we are non-reactive, stronger, balanced, grounded and present to both others and ourselves. While receiving a massage you experience less pain when you go deep.

In my experience of giving massages and doing body work it is clear that when a person is doing the recommended points above, the massage is easy, flowing, creative and satisfying.








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